Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Baby It's Cold Inside

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Actually this should be titled “Baby it’s cold INSIDE”.  Some of you may know about the furnace issues I had this past winter.  Improper installation of the furnace years back led to malfunctions and no heater.  That turned into blowing breakers trying to run space heaters, sleeping with the dog and both cats to keep warm…  I found that I’m really cranky when it’s 15F and my heater isn’t working!

I just stumbled on this site that features heated clothing for men and women.  I could’ve used that during this crisis du jour!  Plus it’s reasonably priced! I’m so down with that!

Check it out and let me know what you think!
ORORO Heated Vest

About Ororo

We are a heated apparel company for every single environment. We ALL know what life is like growing up in the Midwest. You wake up in the morning wearing a coat, several scarves, a beanie, insulated gloves and heavy boots and by the afternoon, you’re sweating with sunglasses on. And just when you think that winter is finally over, a massive snowstorm hits in April causing you to layer up again.

That gets old, right?

That’s exactly why we wanted to create a jacket that can be worn in any season you want. Our team brainstormed and realized this special jacket had to be durable enough to wear on freezing autumn nights, definitely would need all the internal heating elements to keep you warm through the winter. Not just the colder months either! We wanted to make sure it was lightweight enough to help you survive those wet, mild spring months. We did all this AND we made it look good!

We live by our mission every single day. Our goal is to make sure when you put on our heated apparel, that you are warm, comfortable and enjoying yourself. When you share your stories and pictures with us, it shows us that we are succeeding in that mission. That doesn’t mean we’ll get complacent, however! We are always testing new designs and the latest technologies to make sure you stay satisfied and most importantly, fashionable.

Challenge the climate. Don’t let your life be dictated by a thermometer.

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