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#optOutside on Black Friday

We love the Outdoors!  This Black Friday we’ll be outside because fresh air makes us feel free.  #OptOutside @REI

Happy Fall!

Well it’s been a busy month or two for us.  The sad part was saying goodbye to our beloved yellow Labrador, Apollo on September 1st.  Fifteen and a half years is a long life for a big boy like him and we gave him everything we had to ensure that it was happy and comfortable.  It’s still tough letting them go, but I know he was ready to rest.

img_9574Sochi, our three year old crazy Mexican (yes she’s really a little Mexican doggie) has taken some time to adjust to not having her brother around, but now she’s reaping the benefits of being an only child.  She goes virtually everywhere with us.  Life is good for my little woman!

Still handsome, even after 100 miles on the mountain bike!

Still handsome, even after 100 miles on the mountain bike!

We’ve continued our adventures. Robin raced the Barnburner in Flagstaff, Arizona last month and is now qualified for the Leadville 100 race in Colorado next August.  We had a fun weekend of camping and exploring in Flagstaff.  Must go back!  We’re also spending more time over in Las Vegas, now that the temperatures are more civilized!  We’ve also been enjoying the fall colors here in Big Bear, riding and hiking with friends. The temperatures here are pleasant but they’ll be falling soon.

Hope you’re out enjoying the change of seasons.  Fall is my favorite I think.  Pumpkin everything!!

Lady Be Aware!

D297D012-CE36-4221-9993-4C14445448CCI think it’s nothing new that we as women need to be aware of our surroundings and to be proactive in our safety and that of our families in order to prevent becoming a victim.  Whether it be by avoiding situations of potential conflict or danger or by being fulling prepared to combat at potential attacker, we need to have our eyes open.

This past Saturday I took the Lady Be Aware course offered by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department.  $60 covered an all day course that included a morning of classroom instruction and an afternoon of hands on weaponless defensive maneuvers and a brief introduction to shooting and gun safety.  The classroom instruction covered situational awareness, identity protection, home defense/security, how to protect your children, etc.  The defensive tactics included several different techniques on how to combat an attacker – several of which we used on two poor Sheriff’s officers!  The final portion was time on the shooting range with a hand gun, rifle and shotgun.

Take away from the class:  be aware of your surroundings at all times;  if confronted with an uncomfortable situation, be loud – make your discomfort clear for all to hear; and if you have to engage, engage aggressively – because your life may depend on it.  Time and money well spent.

#SanBernardinoCountySheriff #LadyBeAware

Happy National Dog Day!

Honestly I think every day is National Dog Day at our house though.  Don’t tell my fur babies otherwise. They would not understand!  The cats could care less.

#itsadogslife #nationaldogday

IMG_7243 (Edited) IMG_9648

Monday in Corona (aka a day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs)

August 22, 2016:  Adventure log #2.  Kind of sounds like Star Trek doesn’t it?  Well a day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs is anything but techy, and intentionally so.   Glen Ivy’s mission is to relax and renew.  From the variety of pools and spas to the grotto and skin treatment options, there’s something for everyone here.  And don’t forget the most important part, the mud!  Glen Ivy’s Club Mud is awesome – be sure to wear an old bathing suit because you literally cover yourself in red clay mud!

I’ve been coming to Glen Ivy with my girlfriends ever since I moved to Canyon Lake back in 1996.  I’m excited that Robin enjoys it now just as much as I do.  It’s a great way to put the phone down and relax and connect with each other.   What’s amazing is that you can spend an entire day there for as little as $35 (even less if you qualify for their 10% discount)!  It’s like being at a five star resort.  A great place to spend a birthday, girl’s day or just relax with your sweetheart like I did.

Glen Ivy’s history is rooted in California’s past, all the way back to the mid 1800’s.  It has changed hands several times over the years, most of which sought to improve the resort. The history of Glen Ivy Hot Springs is worth the read:  Native Americans first gathered at the hot springs in the Temescal Valley for healing and giving thanks and many more have followed suit throughout the years thereafter.  It is truly a unique place!  I hope you have an opportunity to visit; you won’t be disappointed!


Life Outdoors ROCKS!

2015PR-RobinLauraWelcome to LifeOutdoors.Rocks!  Hi I’m Laura.  Outdoor girl who loves to ride bikes, water ski, snow ski, travel and enjoy life’s adventures.  I’ve had a lot of comments from people who say they enjoy following our adventures on Facebook so I decided to start an online journal about them.  Really I just like to research about the places we visit and write about it!

I also love food, wine (really love wine), animals, time with family and most importantly, my man and partner in crime, Robin.

Enjoy our blog and hopefully it will inspire you to go out and find your own adventures!


Kayaking the Black Canyon Water Trail

August 14, 2016:  What to do on a hot day in Las Vegas?  Head to the river!  We found a great stretch of the Colorado River perfect for an afternoon of kayaking just below Hoover Dam. The water was a crisp 54F but it was refreshing given the 110F dry heat.  We rented a two person kayak from Willow Beach Marina and set off north for an afternoon of paddling and exploring.

IMG_0070 IMG_0078 IMG_0091 IMG_0077

This section of the river, newly designated as the Black Canyon Water Trail, passes between Arizona and Nevada and is one of 16 trails within the National Water Trails System. Black Canyon Water Trail is the first water trail in the Southwest and the only water trail that traverses through a desert.  The entire Black Canyon Water Trail is 30 miles long, extending from Hoover Dam down to upper Lake Mojave.  30 miles would have been a bit ambitious in a kayak so we opted for 3 miles up and back.

Gauging Station
gaugingStationTripImggaugingStation2TripImgIMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0096
An old gauging station can be seen clinging to the Nevada canyon wall at mile 54-1/4. The gauging station was used prior to and during the construction of Hoover Dam (early 1930’s) for monitoring water levels, flow rate and silt content of the Colorado River. The cable car provided access to the gauging station from the Arizona side, where the gauger’s house was located.  I can tell you one thing, whoever lived here had a hell of a great view!

Next time we’ll check out the hot springs a bit further up the river.  For some reason, that didn’t sound too enticing in the middle of August in the desert!

Hoover Dam/Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge


On the way back into town, we stopped for a quick walk across the Mike O’Callaghan–Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge). The bridge was constructed as a bypass for traffic traveling between Arizona and Nevada and opened in October 2010.  When it opened, it became the western hemisphere’s longest single-span concrete arch bridge and one of the tallest in the world.  The four lane bridge is 886′ high and 1900′ long.  My fear of heights was in overdrive standing on this bridge!


O’Callaghan was a former governor of Nevada and former executive editor of the Las Vegas Sun. Tillman was a professional football player for the Arizona Cardinals who joined the Army in 2002 and was killed in Afghanistan in 2004.